What is a fully automated waste collection system?
A fully automated system describes a waste removal collection process whereby an automated arm on the waste truck is used to retrieve, dump and replace a cart. The driver of the waste truck need not exit the vehicle in order to collect the trash. Residents in single-family or duplex units in Normal must use a Town issued cart. If the previous owner did not leave the cart, or it is a new home, a cart must be purchased from the Town of Normal at a cost of $60.

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1. What is a fully automated waste collection system?
2. What are the benefits of an automated waste collection system?
3. Are residents required to use a Town-issued cart for the waste and curbside recycling programs?
4. How is a garbage cart used?
5. What can be placed in the cart for garbage collection?
6. What if I have more trash than can fit in my town-issued cart?
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8. Can I purchase my own cart from a local retailer?
9. Can residents use non-Town issued garbage cans or leave garbage out in plastic bags?
10. When should waste (garbage, recyclables, landscape waste, bulky waste) be placed at the curb?
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12. Should I take my cart with me if I move?
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