Knox Box Program

What is a Knox Box?

The Normal Fire Department participates in the Knox Box program for commercial and residential needs.   The Knox Box is a heavy-duty locked metal box that attaches to the outside wall of businesses or residences which contains keys to allow firefighters and/or paramedics non-destructive access to the building.

In times of fire alarms or other emergencies, firefighters and paramedics can use the secured keys on the apparatus to unlock the Knox Box and get the keys to enter and investigate without damaging doors or windows.

Do I need a Knox Box?

Knox Boxes are recommended for all commercial occupancies, and are required in any occupancy that has a fire alarm or sprinkler system.

Section 1-3.4.6, Municipal Code, Town of Normal states:
Any building, other than a one or two family dwelling, that has an automatic alarm system which is capable of dialing a remote station for Fire Department notification as described in NFPA72 shall have an approved access box installed in an accessible location approved by the Fire Department.

Commercial boxes hold multiple keys, while a Residential Knox Home Box is small and only holds 1-2 keys. The number of keys that are required for your building will dictate the size you need to order.

If not required by code, you may still order a Knox Box for your business or residence.   This allows us to investigate alarms or respond to medical emergencies without having to wait for a key-holder and without breaking a window or damaging a door.

How to Order

  1.   Visit the KnoxBox website
  2.   Select the KnoxBox Product you wish to purchase on the screen and "Add to Cart" once you are ready to purchase.  Select options, and then complete the product's installation address.    Normal Fire Department will receive an email to let us know you have ordered a box. 
  3.   Once you are finished, click "Check Out".  Fill out your payment information (credit card details) and shipping address.
Once your KnoxBox is received, please contact Normal Fire Department if you need assistance or have questions about mounting locations.  A typical installation places the box near the front entrance within reachable height. Once the box is mounted, have a master key set made and call the Normal Fire Department at 309-454-9689 to have your master keys locked up inside the box.   If you ever need to change or update your keys, please call us and we are happy to come out and unlock your box and make the changes necessary.

Should you have any questions regarding the program, contact Normal Fire Department Prevention Division at 309-454-9616 during regular business hours.

Important reminders for Knox Box users

Knox Boxes come specifically keyed for Normal Fire Department.  If you move outside of the Town of Normal, your box WILL NOT WORK.  You will have to purchase a new box that is keyed to your new community. If you move within the Town of Normal and you are taking the box to the new location, make sure you contact the Prevention Division at 309-454-9616 so we can update our Computer Aided Dispatch system and to ensure the keys are up to date.