Safe Place

Safe Place

Safe Place provides access to immediate help and safety for all young people in crisis. A public / private network of thousands of sites across the country extend the doors of their local youth shelter by displaying the Safe Place's recognizable yellow and black diamond-shaped logo. Partnering businesses and community buildings that appeal to youth - such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores, fire stations, public buses and libraries - connect kids looking for help with a local youth service agency.

  • Youth in Safe Place communities learn about the program through public and school presentations and the distribution of Safe Place information cards, posters and public service announcements.
  • A young person enters a business, community building or public bus displaying the yellow and black diamond-shaped Safe Place sign and requests help.The site employee calls the Safe Place agency and comforts the young person until a trained Safe Place representative arrives and meets with the youth.
  • If the youth is lost or stranded and seeking help in returning home, contact will be made with the Safe Place agency, which will make arrangements to return the youth home safely.
  • If counseling or residential assistance is needed, the youth is transported to the youth service agency.Once at the youth agency, counselors will meet with the youth and determine the next steps. The family is contacted and the Safe Place staff makes sure the youth and family receive the help and professional referrals they need.
Project Oz is the local Safe Place agency, and is located at 1105 W. Front Street, Bloomington; open from 8-4 M-F, Ph. 1-800-570-7284 or 1-309-827-0377.

NFD is a Safe Place

All Normal Fire Department Fire Stations are designated as a Safe Place:

  • Headquarters - 606 S Main St. (Main St. & Osage St.)
  • Station 2 - 1300 E College Avenue (College Ave. and Blair Dr.)
  • Station 3 - 1200 E Raab Road (Raab Rd. & Henry St.)