Resident Tree Planting Program

Beautify Your Home and Neighborhood by Planting Trees

The purpose of the Resident Tree planting Program is to encourage homeowners to plant trees. Trees improve our environment, contribute to our health and welfare, and enhance the charm and appeal of the Town. 

Homeowners are eligible for up to $60 toward the purchase of a tree for their property.

Picnic Table and Soccer goals

Some restrictions apply: 

  • Trees planted on public or private property must be within 30 feet of public streets or right-of-way and provide sufficient public benefit to justify the expenditure of public funds.
  • A Tree Impact Permit  must be approved before a tree can be planted on any public street or Town right-of-way. A permit is not required for planting on private property.
  • The species of the tree must be included on the Town's Recommended Tree List [PDF].
  • All trees planted shall be symmetrical in growth with a single straight trunk and must have a minimum caliper of one inch.

To apply, please complete and submit the Resident Tree Planting Application. The application must include a:

  1. Diagram depicting the tree planting location on the property
  2. Copy of a paid receipt from an established nursery that identifies you as the purchaser

Please contact Tyler Bain 309-454-9568 or Email Tyler.