Fell Park


  • Established mid-1850s
  • Local landmark designation, October 20, 2003


Fell Park is bounded on the north by Cypress Street, Willow on the south and Oak and Walnut Street on the east and west, respectively. This landmark was set aside specifically as a park in the mid-1850s by Jesse Fell and several other co-owners. The park officially became a public property in 1898, with the consent of Mrs. Hester Fell. The park served various purposes over the years, including cow pasture and religious gathering space. The Town constructed a water tower in the park in 1898, in part to address water supply needs in times of emergency. The water tower has been the park’s most prominent visual feature over the years. The Town also built brick sidewalks on the park perimeter around the turn of the 20th century. Significant features that are determined worthy of protection as part of the designation are the water tower, brick sidewalks and the general amount of open space.