Application Review Process

Like all other applications to the Historic Preservation Commission, the Bone Grant Application must be filed with Town staff by the end of a month for the following month's commission meeting. The commission regularly meets at 12:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. A hard copy version of the application can be obtained at the Town offices on the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle or contacting Town staff. All applications and forms reviewed by the commission can be found here.

 In addition to the Bone Grant application, a 
Certificate of Appropriateness application must first be approved in order for a Bone Grant to be considered. It's routinely the case that the Certificate of Appropriateness and Bone Grant applications for a project are reviewed at the same commission meeting. If a Certificate of Appropriateness has already been approved, please attach a copy of the approved certificate to the grant application.
 The Bone Grant application requires the collection of two estimates for the costs of professional services and/or material costs for the proposed restoration project. These two estimates need to be for the same scope of work.

The commission will ordinarily act upon a grant request within 30 days of its filing. However, the commission may request additional information or delay final action on the grant request for other reasons.

Important note: many restoration projects approved by the commission also require the obtaining of a residential building permit from the Town of Normal Inspections Department. The commission’s approval of a project is conditioned upon the issuance of required building permits from the Inspections Department. Please contact Town staff to learn if a prospective project requires a building permit.

Approval & Reimbursement

Once Certificate of Appropriateness and Bone Grant applications have been approved and the project has been completed, proof of payment shall be submitted by the applicant(s) to Town staff prior to the release of any funds. The grant program functions on a reimbursement basis, so grant recipients must first pay for the approved project's costs in full and then submit proof of payment to Town staff for review and processing. Proof of payment may come in the form of receipts, canceled checks or other documentation the commission deems appropriate. If the grant is for a commercial property or a rental property, the grant recipient must also provide proof that prevailing wages were paid.

The commission may also require a final inspection by the Inspections Department to insure that the project was completed as proposed and in accordance with the building code. The recipient of any grant funds must agree to observe all applicable federal, state and local laws in the use of grant funds.

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