Vladimir-Canterbury Sister City Association


  • 7 p.m.
  • First Tuesday of each month
  • Zoom 


  • Margaret Ann Hayden, President
  • Elaine Cousins, Vice President
  • Bob Kerestes, Treasurer
  • Carol Kerestes, Secretary


If you’d like to support or get involved with the Association, please visit the Vladimir-Canterbury Sister City Association website. Members receive our Communicator newsletter and are invited to various annual educational and social events related to Vladimir, Russia and Canterbury, England. Members also have the special opportunity to meet with delegations from these cities, as well as to visit with and to help host exchange students. From time to time, the Association also arranges trips abroad for groups wishing to visit these two charming cities.

For more information about this Association, please visit the Vladimir-Canterbury Sister City Association website or email President Margaret Ann Hayden.