The Administration Division of the Normal Fire Department consists of the fire chief,  two assistant chiefs, a public information officer, and an office associate.   Administration organizes and supervises all activities of the Fire Department to protect life and property including maintenance, management of fire suppression, prevention, equipment, physical facilities, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Fire Chief Mick Humer is responsible for the the department's daily operations, attends meetings with Town officials, and approves budgets and personnel hiring.

There are two Assistant Chiefs, Mike Morrison and Jim Vaughn, that oversee daily fire and EMS operations, department training, apparatus fleet maintenance, and other duties as assigned.  Both assistant chiefs may act as an incident commander or assist the incident commander on a major incident.

Each of the three 24-hour shifts are managed by a Battalion Chief. The Battalion Chief's job is to administer the day to day operations of the working shift. Unlike the other administration staff, the Battalion Chief works a 24-hour shift like the firefighters and responds to certain types of fire responses to act as the incident commander.

In major incidents, the chief or assistant chiefs may respond and act as the incident commander or take on various rolls in the command structure. For the majority of responses, the Battalion Chief will remain in command at the scene.

During major emergency incidents, the public information officer serves as a liaison with the media. Once on scene, the public information officer works with the incident commander to coordinate press briefings and media updates.