General Procedures

General Snow and Ice Procedures
When the department is notified of an impending snowstorm, a decision is made to implement one of seven different operations for clearing Town streets. Each operation varies in the amount of service performed and the labor and equipment necessary to perform it.

A patrol operation would be initiated in advance of a storm or if there was a low probability of a storm developing. A salting operation would be initiated if the potential for freezing conditions existed, to melt snow or ice accumulated to a depth less than approximately one inch or to prevent the bonding of packed snow to the pavement. A plowing operation would be initiated if a snow accumulation of approximately two inches or more existed.

Parking Policy
During snow and ice control operations, residents are prohibited from parking vehicles on Town streets during a snow event with two or more inches of snow. Residents can move vehicles to public parking garages or other public lots if off-street spaces are needed.

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