Season One

What's Normal is excited to share its first season of episodes giving listeners an insider's perspective on Town departments and community organizations, including one-on-one interviews with Town staff, Town department heads and community leaders. 

CDM Podcast- The Children's Discovery Museum located in Uptown Normal has become a staple in the community's Uptown landscape. In this episode, Beth Whisman shares what it takes to run and fund the Children's Discovery Museum. 

Civic Arts and Special Events Podcast- Join us and Adam Fox the Town’s Civic Arts Manager to learn more about the Town’s programming and seasonal offerings. 

Ecology Action Center Podcast- Learn from Ecology Action Center Director Michael Brown about the dos and don'ts of recycling. 

Engineering Podcast- On this episode of What's Normal learn about the Town's Engineering Department and what happens behind the scenes with Ryan Otto.  

Finance Podcast- Sit down with Andrew Huhn, director of the Town's finance Department, to talk financing, accounting and billing. 

Fire Podcast- Normal Fire Department’s Chief, Mick Humer, sits down with What’s Normal Podcast to talk about how the Town’s Firefighters provide life safety in emergency situations, property protection in case of a fire, and public fire safety education to residents. 

Human Resources Podcast- Join us and the Town of Normal’s Human Resources Director, Jenny Keigher to talk all things human resources. 

Inspections Podcast- On this episode of What’s Normal, Greg Troemel the Town’s Director of Inspections sits down with us to talk all things inspections. 

Introduction Podcast- Welcome to What's Normal, a Podcast information listeners about the Town of  Normal Illinois through interviews with department heads and staff about daily operations that keep the town anything but normal. 

Legal Podcast- On this episode of What's Normal, Brian Day, the Town of Normal Chief Legal Officer, talks about his debarment's role for the Town of Normal. 

Parks Podcast- On this episode of What's Normal we sit down with Doug Damery, the director of Parks & Recreation, to talk about the Towns maintenance of community pools, activity center, Ironwood Gold Course, the 19 parks and 17 playgrounds in the Town, Champion Fields and more than 15 miles of the Constitution Trail. 

Planning Commission Podcast- Mercy Davison the Town of Normal’s Planner sits down with us to discuss how the planning commission operates. 

Planning Podcast- Join us with Mercy Davis the Town of Normal's Planner and learn how planning and zoning operates in the Town of Normal. 

Water Podcast- Join John Burkhart to learn more about how the Town of Normal maintains and operates wells and water reserves to provide reliable and clean water to the residents of the Town of Normal.