Street Lights & Traffic Signals

Street Lights

Except for some lights in Uptown Normal, street lights are maintained by the power companies, Ameren and CornBelt Energy, depending on location.  

Report outages:

  • Call Ameren at 1-800-755-5000
  • Call CornBelt Energy 1-800-879-0339
  • Report outage to Town staff by completing Street Light Issue Form; include a precise location of the street light outage and appropriate contact information so a Town representative can confirm receipt and contact you should further information be needed.

NOTE: Power companies are not aware of electric or street light outages until they are reported. Both companies batch repairs for efficiency, so repairs could take several months to be completed.

Traffic Signals 


Report outages or malfunctions:

Complete the Traffic Light Outage or Malfunctioning Traffic Light form to let us know of disruptions. 

Other Services 

The Engineering team provides a wide range of services for the Town, including:

  • Traffic Signals / Flashing Beacons 
    • Signal warrant analysis 
    • Design review 
    • Construction inspection 
    • Signal timings and coordination 
    • Signal upgrade and repair 
    • Signal maintenance program 
    • Signal and ITS system integration 
  • Signs 
    • Warrant analysis for various traffic control devices 
    • Review of signs for compliance to federal and state standards 
    • Sign layout and design for upgraded or new roadways 
  • Pavement Markings 
    • Design review 
    • Review of pavement markings for compliance to federal and state standards 
    • Pavement marking layout for upgraded or new roadways 
  • Various Studies 
    • Crash analysis and diagrams 
    • Traffic counts 
    • Pedestrian counts and analysis 
    • School zone analysis 
    • Intersection sight distance 
    • Delay and speed studies 
    • Parking review and analysis 
    • Review of citizen requests 

More Information 

For more information about traffic engineering contact email Wayne Hopper, traffic technician, or call 309-454-9626.

Additional Resources 

IDOT Traffic Map - IDOT average traffic counts. Zoom into the Normal area to see the numbers.