Connie Link Amphitheatre

Location: 621 South Linden Street

Looking for free or low cost entertainment for the whole family? Visit the Connie Link Amphitheatre! This beautiful and unique facility is easily accessible from the Constitution Trail. Details on current events at Connie Link Amphitheatre, see the Cultural Arts Department webpages- CLICK HERE for the 2022 performance schedule.

 Parking is available at four locations:

  • 621 and 611 S. Linden- Connie Link Amphitheatre and Park Maintenance Facility
  • 900 S. Linden St.- Underwood Park, Brander Shelter Lot
  • 200 Jersey Avenue- Underwood Park , South Lot
  • 100 East Phoenix Avenue- City Hall Annex, Parkinson St. Lot

Looking to rent Connie Link Amphitheatre or have questions about upcoming events please email Cultural Arts Department.