Uptown Station Parking

Pick up and drop off is prohibited in Uptown Circle. To pick up or drop off transit passengers, please enter the Uptown Station deck on W. Beaufort St. Short term pick up/drop off parking is available on the 2nd floor. If you are in the deck for less than 1 hour you do not need to visit the pay station, you may exit the deck free of charge using the ticket you received upon entry.
Patrons visiting City Hall for approved meetings and business may ask for parking validation at the reception desk located on the second floor.

The Uptown Station deck offers complementary Electric Vehicle charging. One level III (Quick Charge) charger and five level II chargers are located on level 2 of the deck. Tesla Superchargers are located on level 3.

Parking Rates

Free Parking at the Uptown Station Parking Deck with the following terms:
  • 1st Hour
  • All Day Sunday
  • 5:00 pm - 12:00 am, Monday - Saturday

Amtrak and Bus Patrons - more information

$1 - Per hour all other daytime hours
$2 - 12:00 - 6:00 am
$6 - Per day maximum
$8 - Overnight
$40 - Per month

Parking Instructions

All parking decks operate on a ticket system and require patrons to take a ticket upon entry into the deck.
  1. Take ticket from dispenser when entering deck.
  2. Take ticket with you when you park and leave your car.
  3. Before returning to your car, stop at any pay station located inside the deck and follow the directions for payment. You will receive a new ticket needed to raise the lift gate.
  4. Scan the new ticket at the machine at the gate when exiting deck.
Cash, credit and debit payments accepted.

For information more, call Heartland Parking at (309) 451-5380.

Interactive Parking Map

a photo of the Parking App that is linked to the parking map.