Community Investment Plan

The Community Investment Plan (CIP) is a planning tool used to document proposed major capital investments projected to take place over a six year period.  

GIS-based Community Investment Plan (CIP)

The Town of Normal offers a GIS-based version of the CIP to help residents more easily learn where and how monies are being spent throughout the community. 

The tool, a geographic information system (GIS)-based version of the Town’s Community Investment Plan, provides a visual representation and description of capital projects proposed in the upcoming five-year budget. Each project entry includes a project description, financial requirements and funding sources.

Watch this video tutorial of the CIP to learn more about how to use the GIS-based tool. 

Click the image to link to the GIS-Based Community Investment Plan

CIP Update 12.23

Benefits of the GIS-based CIP

The GIS-based CIP clearly outlines proposed capital projects so residents know exactly where improvements and enhancements may take place. The community can use this tool to stay informed about how the Town is working to improve the community. The revised CIP provides the Town of Normal with numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased transparency for all users, especially the community, making it easier to find what is happening in areas of interest, geographically (e.g., by neighborhood) or categorically (e.g. Water projects, Park projects, etc.)
  • A comprehensive, geographical representation of improvements planned throughout the Town
  • A foundational piece of technology on which other smart city efforts may be layered to contribute to a collaborative planning culture
  • Illustration of alignment by specifically identifying strategic plans to which capital projects contribute
  • Streamlined operations with a user-friendly experience which is easier to update